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Manage your flight operation in just a snap. Flightsnap offers great solutions in digitising your flight administration so you can focus on what you love, flying!

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Flightsnap logbook

For pilots we offer a EASA Part-FCL conform logbook to keep track of flights and simulator sessions. It offers simple flight entering and effortless access from any device at any place. The different breakdowns and overviews give a perfect overview of your flight time totals.

Flightsnap flight manager

Flightsnap record

Flightsnap electronic flight bag

Flightsnap pilot planner

We are a startup specialised in digital solutions for any flight operator in general aviation. Because of our knowledge in both aviation and computer science, we can offer products that are extensively tested and optimised in actual situations. By working closely with pilots, operators, flight instructors, mechanics and airport managers, we know what you need. Whether you are a flight school, dropzone, air charter or do other aerial work, we have a tailored solution for you.

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